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Atlas BA Consulting Engineering Inc. has experience in the design of turbo-expander cryogenic deep-cut fractionation facility.

A typical turbo-expander cryogenic fractionation facility often consists of a dehydrator, cold box cross exchanger unit, cold separator, turbo-expander and compressor unit, and a De-Methanizer Tower. The inlet gas, entering from pipeline, is first dehydrated to remove any water/hydrates formed during the pipeline transfer and then cooled through a cold box exchanger (gas/gas exchanger) unit to reduce the temperature before the fluid is flashed. The flashed inlet gas is then separated into gas stream and liquid stream in a low temperature separator (LTS). The gas stream is then fed to a turbo-expander before entering the de-methanizer tower for separation of methane and ethane plus products. The gas overheads of the de-methanizer is routed to the cold box to recover energy by cooling the inlet gas before being compressed and sent to pipeline as residue gas product. The liquid bottoms product produced from the de-methanizer tower is then sent for further separation and processing.

Atlas's Turbo-Expander Cryogenic Facility Experience

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