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Atlas BA Consulting Engineering Inc has experience in the design of petrochemical facilities.

Typically, petrochemical facilities begin with primary feedstock and produce high-value products such as plastics. The petrochemical industry is set for tense growth worldwide due to the increasing demand for high-end products.

Atlas BA has proven history in designing plants that produce high-quality, high-demand products such as acrylic acid. In addition, we provide a full range of services, from front-end design and optimization to construction. Atlas can offer services to any stages of petrochemical projects requested by clients. Using the most innovative software and our project delivery experience, we can give clients reliable results.

Atlas’s petrochemical experience:

  • Design of grass-root acrylic acid production includes reviewing licensor technology packages and designing OSBL facility

  • Propane dehydration unit (for propylene production)

  • Working on ethane and ethylene production, cost estimating, and design options

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