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De-Methanizer Column

  • Evaluation of base case feed composition based on turbo-expander capability

  • Determine column performance based on current field pressure profile

De-Ethanizer Column

  • Tie-ins for de-ethanizer top product to sales gas

  • Hydraulic load study of stripping and rectification section

De-Propanizer column

  • Simulation of 3 different operating modes

  • Review of condenser and reboiler capacities

  • Study to increase reboiler temperature by 5 deg C

De-Butanizer column

  • Study of de-butanizer operation mode switching to de-propanizer

  • Review of overhead cooler capacity relating to feed rate

MEROX caustic sweetening unit

  • Design basis for caustic carryover

  • Review oxidizer, disulfide separator and storage unit designs

  • Hydraulic review for entire frac. facility

  • Review pumping capacities and rates for various products C3, C4, C3/C4 mix and C5+

  • Design of OSBL (outside boundary limits) piping

  • New storage bullets and pump

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