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  • Detailed design for cavern conversion from propane to ethane. Issued a Mechanical Construction Work Package that includes IFC P&IDs, Isometrics, Bill of material, and Piping Stress Analysis.

  • Evaluation of the existing cavern wash system to generate a design basis for 3 new caverns in the wash phase.

  • Evaluation of the existing cavern production system to generate the design basis for 3 new caverns in the production phase with two caverns in ethane service and the last cavern for mix service (C2 to C5+).

  • Troubleshoot Cavern Wash Water Pumps to allow for increase water flow to caverns which includes set point review of whole system, wash water pump injection evaluation, hydraulic calculation, minimum flow recycle valve sizing check, vendor correspondence, control narrative and set point updates.

  • Completed MOC to convert wash water tank operations from series operations to parallel operations which involved settling time calculation of particulates, P&ID markups, control narrative updates, PHA session preparation, Facilitation of PHA session, completion of PHA report, PHA rectification of recommendations.

  • Generated design basis for the addition of a new brine pond and the associated brine system. The design basis specifies the brine pond volume requirement, brine rates during injection and rejection, piping size, brine separator requirements, flare pond requirements, and utility requirements.

  • Evaluation of the existing cavern system (Production phase) for various products (C2, C3, C4, C3/C4 mix, C5+) to generate a overall block flow diagram and operating philosophy.

  • Process study on an existing CaCl Dehydration unit to handle water saturated butane from a new cavern. The Process study involved the evaluation of the existing system (Review of the CaCl Dehydrator, CaCl filter, butane surge bullets, and injection pumps), proposed recommendation required to handle saturated brine from the new cavern, PFD and H&MB updates, and final report.

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