Atlas BA Consulting Engineering Inc. can provide a multi-disciplined engineering team of highly experienced drafters, engineers, technicians and specialists to provide technical advice, engineering design, procurement and construction management.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, areas of upstream oil batteries, gas compression stations, natural gas processing, NGL fractionation facilities, cavern storage facilities, brine pond system, SAGD, gas and liquid pipelines, rail terminals and truck loading facilities; and product treating facilities for propane, ethane, propylene, ethylene, refrigeration facilities, pipelines and pump stations.

We will deliver excellence and unparalleled execution of all projects, with every opportunity.

Personal Executive Profiles:

Bill O’Toole, P.Eng, MBA
VP of Engineering & Senior Project Manager

  • Bill Bill O’Toole, P.Eng, MBA

    VP of Engineering & Senior Project Manager

    A versatile, decisive, and energized Senior Manager of engineering and construction projects, Mr. O’Toole brings with him 40+ years of Engineering and Project Management experience. With an established record of success leading all phases of complex, multiphase, and high-profile projects, his career encompasses a diverse project portfolio across many industries. His professional experience includes over 275 projects throughout Canada, and participation on international projects in South America, West Africa, and Kazakhstan.

    For the past 15 years, Mr. O’Toole has specialized predominantly in projects for the oil and gas/energy sector. He has managed projects such as oil batteries; compressor stations; asphalt/oil rail, truck, and marine terminals; gathering systems; ASP facilities; and Asset Integrity Management Systems. During this time Mr. O’Toole has also honed his Business Development skills, achieving success in growing a start-up Engineering Company from the ground up. Through his success in developing and implementing growth opportunities, building long-lasting client relationships, and utilizing effective marketing strategies, Mr. O’Toole has had previous experience as a key player in expanding the company from 2 people to over 200 personnel, and in creating sustained revenue improvements of 40% to 100% per year.

    Whether he is acting as Engineer, Project Manager, or Business Developer, Mr. O’Toole delivers results. He is recognized as a strong and respected leader with an adaptive leadership style. He is able to engage teams and achieve the intended goals by providing clear guidance and using the right leadership style for changing situations and the people being lead. He excels in collaborating with clients and contractors to meet or exceed design, quality, timeline, and budget expectations. Mr. O’Toole has a reputation for delivering projects to the highest standards and client satisfaction, by effectively organizing, managing, and utilizing all necessary resources.

Jim Grant, P.Eng.
Senior Project Manager

  • JimGrant Jim Grant, P.Eng.

    Senior Project Manager

    Jim Grant is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience executing upstream oil and gas, pipeline, refinery and petrochemical projects in Canada and internationally. He has managed multi-discipline engineering projects through all phases in the project life cycle. He has an extensive background in facility and pipeline design developed while working on a wide range of projects in both large and multi-project environments.

    Mr. Grant has the ability to prioritize and complete tasks in deadline sensitive settings and is adept at managing the work processes required to successfully complete challenging projects.

    Mr. Grant is committed to delivering cost effective solutions that are aligned with project requirements.

    Mr. Grant’s education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and he is a Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Gary Davies, P.Eng
Senior Technical Advisor

  • Gary Gary Davies, P.Eng

    Senior Technical Advisor

    Mr. Davies is a Professional Engineer with over 37 years of combined engineering and management experience in an engineering, procurement, and construction management environment. He has also played a role as a resource owner in the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Prior to joining Atlas, Mr. Davies was a Senior Process Engineer and Project Manager responsible for drilling and completion operations, oil & gas processing facilities and engineering design. He has had extensive exposure in operations from a range of small to large oil and gas processing facilities. In addition, he has been involved with gas/liquid separation technologies in gas plants, oil batteries, well site facilities, water flood plants, compressor facilities, glycol dehydration units, molecular sieve units and natural gas deep cut facilities (cryogenic facilities).

    Mr. Davies earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and is a Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). He is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Paul Hochhausen, P.Eng
Senior Process Engineer

  • PaulH Paul Hochhausen, P.Eng

    Senior Process Engineer

    Mr. Hochhausen brings over 30 years of expertise in oil & gas facility process design, technical project management, and field development. His experience includes management of projects from concept to facility start-up, including feasibility studies, conceptual design, FEED and detail design, in both contractor and client roles. He has been involved with numerous domestic facilities as well as several international projects in the Middle East, North Africa, and South America. His project management duties have included preparation of FEED & EPCM technical bid packages and evaluation of contractor bids, followed by technical oversight of a multi-discipline engineering team. He effectively manages project interfaces between the engineering contractor, technology providers, and the facility operator, in a multi-cultural environment.

    With a technical background that includes natural gas processing, conventional crude oil processing and associated field facilities, Mr. Hochhausen is able to readily identify pragmatic facility configuration options, and optimize a safe process design. His technical know-how includes design and operation of field and plant inlet separation, gas and liquid amine treating, sulfur recovery, tail gas clean-up, dehydration, refrigeration, cryogenic gas processing, liquid fractionation, and product treating. His hands-on operations experience comes from several years on-site at gas gathering and processing facilities handling sour, hydrocarbon rich gas.

    Mr. Hochhausen’s education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and he is a Professional Engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Carl Bourque, P.Eng
Lead Process Engineer

  • Bill Carl Bourque, P.Eng

    Lead Process Engineer

    A knowledgeable, detail oriented Senior Process Engineer, Mr. Bourque has 25 years of process design experience. As a Process Lead on several projects of various sizes, he has worked in various sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry on projects based in western Canada as well as some international experience on projects based in Russia and Iran.

    Mr. Bourque was involved recently as process lead on the design of two pipeline tank terminals of a major oil sands project in northern Alberta. He has experience in new pump station design and retrofits to existing pump stations; new gas well pad design including test and group separators and production storage; gas plant debottlenecking studies including separation, compression and refrigeration; gas treating, sulphur recovery, sour water treating and hydrogen production in Bitumen upgrader facilities; and SAGD facilities / gathering system network design. As a lead or senior engineer on projects, Mr. Bourque imparts his knowledge, offers advice and delegates effectively to more junior team members to achieve project success and assist in their career development. He has experience working for producer companies and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies, both large and small, which has given him an appreciation of the skills needed in both functions.

    He is proficient in VMG Sim and HYSYS Process Simulation, PIPEFLO Simulation Software and has experience sizing and preparing data sheets for equipment, instruments and PSVs. He has generated, reviewed and stamped many of the typical process engineering deliverables on several projects (PFDs, P&IDs, Line Lists, Shutdown Keys, Process Calculations) and has written thorough, well laid out and easy to follow study reports, process descriptions and narratives.

    His strengths include strong technical design and problem solving skills, a focused attention to detail, and building strong relationships with clients and fellow project team members.

Cathy Le, P.Eng
Senior Project Engineer

  • Cathy Cathy Le, P.Eng

    Senior Project Engineer

    Mrs. Le is a Senior Process Engineer with over 13 years of experience in heavy oil, natural gas and chemical process units ranging from Pre-FEED, FEED, Detailed Design phase, HAZOP study through to construction turnover. Mrs. Le is a team player and has extensive experience in the development of Process Design Basis, Design Basis Memorandum, SOW, PFD & HMB, P&ID, and various other engineering reports and documents. She is proficient with HYSYS, FLARENET, VMGSim, and various other engineering software.

    With producing companies, she has provided technical support to Facilities Engineers, Production Engineers, Field Operations, Vessel Integrity, and Environmental teams as well as provided support to the superintendent areas year to year. The process support includes, project scoping and evaluation, Facility project and management of change (MOC) support, Annual DEOS work (Dehydrator, Engineering, and Operations Sheets), PSV replacement, and D39 Compliance scoping, reporting and corrective engineering support (Benzene).

    Mrs. Le is highly adaptable and with her strong work ethic and technical background, she is able to complete projects on time and on budget, while still delivering high quality work.

Maditha Kamalakar, P.Eng, M.Eng
Senior Process Engineer

  • Madith Maditha Kamalakar, P.Eng, M.Eng

    Senior Process Engineer

    Mr. Kamalakar has over 31 years of combined experience in operations and design engineering. He has worked on diverse projects in the oil and gas sector including large scale gas plants, NGL recovery through deep cut, and plant engineer for an LNG train in Qatar. He also worked in India and Qatar before gaining Canadian experience.

    Mr. Kamalakar’s experience in Canada in the last 15 years includes construction, plant operations and process engineering with EPCM companies. Through his success in various fields, he has recently completed a Master’s in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary.

    He is recognized as a source for strong engineering and computer skills bringing cost effectiveness and operator friendly solutions to the front.

Greg Yanicki, P.Eng
Senior Project Engineer

  • gregyanicki Greg Yanicki, P.Eng

    Senior Project Engineer

    Greg has over sixteen years of experience in the EPCM industry focusing on design of pipelines, wellsite facilities, field gas compression, dehydration, refrigeration, fractionation plants and cavern storage.

    As a process engineer, Greg has been involved in process simulations using HYSYS and HYSIM, specification of fractionation towers (demethanizer, de-ethanizer, de-propanizer, de-butanizer), preparation of P&IDs, PFDs, bid evaluations, line designation tables and tie-ins, design and creation of equipment data sheets (heat exchangers, pumps, separators, heaters, storage tanks and bullets), Instrument data sheets, heat and material balances, equipment sizing and specifications, hydraulic and pressure drop calculations, PSV sizing, pump sizing calculations, experienced in free water knockout and treaters for sizing and design in SAGD applications.

Russ Satanek, P.Eng
Senior Project Engineer

  • Cathy Russ Satanek, P.Eng

    Senior Project Engineer

    Mr. Satanek has over 12 years of experience in various sectors of the oil and gas industry. His experience includes fractionation facilities, tank terminals, asphalt plants, gas plant (amine sweetening and TEG dehydration units), batteries, storage bullets, pump stations, well pads and bitumen extraction pilot plant. As a process engineer, he has been involved in all phases of the project from Pre-FEED, FEED to the end of Detailed Design phase including HAZID, HAZOP / LOPA and Model Reviews.

    His most recent experience includes acting as a Process Lead on behalf of the client, supervising work of the EPC company and providing technical support for all the associated deliverables related to Fractionation.

    Mr. Satanek has extensive experience in the development of Design Basis Memorandum, Process Design Basis, PFDs & HMB, P&IDs, LDTs, Process Narrative, equipment design and specification, and various other engineering reports and documents. He is also highly competent with simulation software such as HYSYS, FLARENET and engineering software related to hydraulics and equipment sizing.

    His EPC experience also includes equipment design and specification such as storage bullets and tanks, heat exchangers, reboilers, pumps, PSV sizing, separators, hydraulic calculations, NACE calculations, heat loss studies, rail car offloading along with numerous studies (heat medium system, de-propanizer optimization, solvent wash, NGL storage, diluent injection).

    Mr. Satanek is great team player and loves to provide guidance to more junior engineers. He thrives in a challenging environment and prides himself on producing quality deliverables that meet or exceed client requirements.

Faraz Vakili, P.Eng.
Senior Mechanical Engineer

  • Winnie Faraz Vakili, P.Eng.

    Senior Mechanical Engineer

    Mr. Vakili has 20+ Years of Project Management, Mechanical (Fixed Equipment & Boilers), and Piping Engineering Canadian and Overseas EPC & EPCM Experiences. He has extensive experience in Downstream in Oil and Gas area.

    Mr. Vakili is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Alberta, Canada and State of Texas, USA with experiences in international project design, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start up and operation & maintenance experience of process & power plants. Extensive involvement in design of piping systems and static equipment, bid evaluations, preparing material specifications and requisitions, and communication with vendors. Completed project work in Canada, Poland, USA, Cuba and Yemen. He has worked in Field Engineering and Construction Management of Process Plants.

    Mr. Vakili has started a new career path toward Gas Processing and Pipelines to be involved more in Mid-Stream energy industries. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with PMI and an ABSA Certified Power Engineer Class 4.

Bob Woolsey
Senior I&C Engineering Specialist

  • Woolsey Bob Woolsey

    Senior I&C Engineering Specialist

    Mr. Woolsey is a highly skilled instrumentation and controls professional with involvement in large refinery and small capital engineering projects with the importance of enhancing an integrated completion.

    Mr. Woolsey's extensive experience in I&C engineering teams with involvement in specification and procurement of process measurement technologies associated with primary and final acting instrumentation. He will ensure that the design for loop wiring, I/O schematics, assignment and interconnecting network topologies (BPCS, FGS & SIS/ESD) meet the client's desired control system architecture.

    Mr. Woolsey's extensive knowledge as an advanced user of SmartPlant® Instrumentation for the design, documentation and management of process ensure the accuracy of data. His knowledge of the entire process safety and functional safety lifecycle from HAZOP and LOPA studies to SIS design, operations and maintenance, has enabled him to successfully manage the safety lifecycle while adhering to safety and quality.

Liang Yu, P.Eng
Senior Civil/Structural Engineer

  • Madith Liang Yu, P.Eng

    Senior Civil/Structural Engineer

    Mr. Liang started his Canadian career with a small structural engineering consultant back in 2003 Saskatchewan. Within 6 months of work, he was quickly promoted to the lead design engineer where he worked on design of commercial buildings with variations in masonry, wood, steel and renovations.

    Since 2006, Mr. Liang joined the EPCM force for the Alberta oil sand development. His responsibilities include conceptual design, feed study, detailed design and design review for varied scale SAGD and gas plant projects. Project management duties involve review of bid documents, schedule and managing interfaces with client and contractor with confident communication skills.

    Mr. Liang’s ability to view project in both civil grading and structural aspect as well as sophisticated design approaches backup with strong technical skills and problem solving and has been proven to be key elements leading to the project success.

Jai Guillemaud
Lead Piping Designer

  • Jai Jai Guillemaud

    Lead Piping Designer

    Mr. Guillemaud is an experienced leader in supervising project development and mechanical design. As a focused and high performing leader offering extensive experience and hands on expertise working within upstream oil and gas facilities, he offers technical knowledge in the design, development and delivery of cost effective solutions to meet challenging business demands.

    Mr. Guillemaud’s career focus has been piping design in the Oil and Gas Industry with an emphasis in heavy oil storage, compression processing, refrigeration, rail facilities, water injection and cryogenic services.

    His experience in supervision, estimating, co-ordination and direct design enables him to maintain quality control and project schedule.

Joseph Dallaire
Senior Cost Estimator

  • josephD Joseph Dallaire

    Senior Cost Estimator

    Joseph A. Dallaire is a Cost Engineer with 30 years’ experience estimating capital costs for oil/gas/petrochemical/SAGD/TAGD and pipeline projects. He provides estimates for civil, structural, mechanical equipment, piping, electrical and instrumentation installations.

    Mr. Dallaire prepares all classes of estimates from conceptual (Class V) to detail (Class III), as well as Lump Sum Unit Rates Bids. He also develops and schedules project costs and maintains budgetary control and coding systems.

    Mr. Dallaire has developed an extensive estimating database for labour and material, as well as pipeline contractor unit rates for all pipeline work for sizes from 4” to 60” including UPI estimating. He prides himself on creating cost savings by finding less expensive and more efficient processes for his clients which include large EPC, oil and gas, mining and construction companies.

Ali Khatir, BSc., CRM
Senior Document Control Specialist

  • Winnie Ali Khatir, BSc., CRM

    Senior Document Control Specialist

    Mr. Khatir successfully worked with two green field Onshore and Offshore gas refineries, two LNG Projects, several Oil Sand and Firebag big size and small size projects on both client and EPCMs side, handling all phases of the projects documentation.

    Mr. Khatir has worked as Document Control Lead for more than 10 years handling document control department. He has extensive experience in initial setting up of document control, creating procedures, standards, work instructions, forms, templates and EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) set up for different companies

    Mr. Khatir have a two years Certificate of Records Management (CRM) from SAIT in Calgary.

Winnie Liu, EIT
Junior Project Engineer

  • Winnie Winnie Liu, EIT

    Junior Project Engineer

    Miss Liu is a Project Engineer in Training and has a progressive experience in an engineering, procurement, and construction management environment in the Oil and Gas Industry.

    She had experience in the Midstream sector of the Energy Industry. She is detail-oriented and delivers high quality of work efficiently and accurately. She is a team player who strives to provide innovative solution to engineering problems collaboratively. She has strong analytical skills to solve complicated problems. She is proficient with computer software such as VMG Sim and Aspen Plus.

    Miss Liu earned a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Energy and Environment Specialization from University of Calgary. Her high adaptability and strong analytical skill allow her to deliver high quality of work efficiently.