Atlas BA Consulting Engineerng Inc. can provide Regulatory services for oil can gas facilities and pipelines across Western Canada (BC, AB, SK). We can provide applications for the following:

  • Audit Packages
  • Land administrations
  • Oil and gas facility applications
  • Oil and gas pipeline applications
  • Sour gas applications
  • Reservoir applications
  • Environmental regulatory requirements
  • AER, AESRD, OGC, SER applications
  • As-built submission
  • Regulated pipelines per National Energy Board

Atlas can provide air emission dispersion modelling via AERMOD View software. The modelling package will provide air dispersion while following Canadian environmental ministries/energy regulators and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s preferred and recommended models to assess pollution concentration and deposition from a variety of sources. AERMOD is a steady-state Gaussian plume model and results from this modelling are used to determine if an air pollutant source is in compliance with ambient air quality objectives.

An air quality dispersion model is an important series of equations that mathematically describe the behaviour of pollutants in the air. It provides a cause-effect link between the emissions into the air and the resulting air pollution concentrations. Dispersion models have been used in many different applications, but have traditionally been used for air quality assessments in support of decisions regarding approvals and permits for regulated sources.